Waste Reduction

iGo have a pledge to reduce e-waste, we offer an IT collection service for any redundant hardware your business may have.

We will send a dedicated driver to your premises to collect the IT equipment, the driver will then take the kit back to our warehouse in Stockport.

i-go.life Mobile Warranty Mockup

Receiving your device…

At the point of receival any equipment with memory will be data wiped using the latest software in line with the NIST 800 guidelines.

We will then run each device through our diagnostic software to determine the quality of each component as well as the cosmetic grading of each unit.

Quality report…

Once we have the quality report, we will refurbish any device that requires cosmetic or functional repairs. We complete the repairs in our state-of-the-art lab using original parts by our highly skilled engineers.

If a device is beyond economical repair, we will harvest the unit for working parts and recycle the raw materials.

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After the Repair

Once the device is repaired and re-tested to guarantee quality so we can apply our warranty – it will be sold back into the consumer or corporate market.

If you have any redundant IT or would like to save money on tech procurement, please get in touch using the contact form, phone number or email address in the header.

We look forward to working with you.

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